The Importance of Providing Support to a Remote Team

With the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working has become the new norm, whether people like it or not. This style of working has its own pros and cons for the employees. Besides, not all job roles are compatible with working remotely. Hence, it becomes imperative for the leadership to provide all support to make remote working a success.

It is important to sensitize the employees to the current situation and explain to them that it is a matter of either adapting or losing out. Once the employee realizes the need for remote working, the leaders must mould them and their thinking to make a smooth transition.

The leaders can identify some areas as listed below, where they can work with the team members and then build up their morale to deliver their best.

Avoid extended working hours:

When the employee is already working in a different work atmosphere, even if it happens to be their home, extending work hours can have a negative impact on productivity. Even if they save on travelling time unlike a co-located space, the working hours should remain the same.

Boost their morale:

It is always important to appreciate and reward the employees whenever and wherever needed. It pumps in life and enthusiasm in the employee’s performance. So, the leader should never lose an opportunity to recognize an employee’s efforts and good performance. This can help in boosting their morale and increase productivity.

Give constructive feedback:

In case of any mistakes or shortcomings, avoid scolding the employees at all costs as this can lead to low morale. Feedback should be given tactfully so that the employee realizes his mistake and tries to make changes. If need be, the team member can be given some training so as to bridge the gap in his understanding.

Be Considerate:

Every team member has a different family situation, family size, and dynamics. This can help the leaders to better connect with their team members and understand their needs and in return, they can be willing to give their best to the team.

To conclude, we can say that it is of utmost importance that the leaders must provide help and support to the team members working remotely so that the team can adapt better to the new working style and yet give their best.


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