Training Companies and Assessment for Learning

Training Companies Can Make Assessment for Learning More Fruitful

A company is always as strong and as resilient as its workforce. By learning the psychological make-up of individuals many industries have conquered the human resource in its elementary prime! Here’s how BYLD helps you in your process of psychometric evaluation through our expertly developed assessment for learning tools that we provide to organizations like you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce.

How does this Assessment for Learning Help You in Optimizing Your Workforce?

Various assessments are developed with the sole focus of helping your workforce identify their personality types and leadership styles so that they become the leaders of tomorrow!

Every leader out there is not born into this world as a leader! The biggest takeaway here is that leaders can be developed. BYLD’s assessment for learning provides you with the best psychometric assessments and tools that help in identifying leadership styles and enhancing their emotional intelligence as well as their work performance. Being one of the expert training companies in India, BYLD’s research-oriented psychometric and psychological assessments help in developing value-added qualities that equip an individual with the best tools to optimize their workforce.
Personality development assessments like these create a learning experience for individuals which helps them measure their preferences and qualities through these psychometric assessments that play a major role in developing their professionality and personality by acquiring world-class skill sets!

What are the benefits of Assessment for Learning Provided by BYLD?

Assessments help in following different leadership styles that suit their personality development rather than focusing on a one-size-fits-all approach.

These assessments for learning evaluative tools help coaches and mentors in the training companies identify the shortcomings of an individual that they can bridge through their training but they also give an insight into the strengths of an individual which they can enhance and further develop them in a way that they become the masters of those skill sets.

These assessments help employers to determine the job fit or workplace fit as to whether an individual is the right cultural fit for the organization or not.

This helps individuals identify themselves and utilize their skillsets more productively and efficiently through which they can help the organization grow with their individualistic efforts and capacity to foster growth and development in an organization.

This helps employers in working towards imparting training that enhances their work performance and productivity by enhancing their leadership qualities, emotional intelligence, and aptitude.

These assessments aim to equip the workforce with the necessary skill sets and qualities that enhance their personal as well as professional development which makes these employees realize that the organization also takes a vested interest in ensuring their well-being and development.

What are these Assessments for Learning Tests Provided by Training Companies like BYLD?

BYLD is known to be one of the most empowering training companies out there in India that provides this kind of research extensive psychometric assessments developed by business leaders and experts of industrial/organizational psychology to enhance leadership qualities and work performance of the individual through various assessments for learning evaluative tests and complex assessment tools widely used incorporates:

Frontline Leadership Assessment (LAPII and SPII)
The Booth 360 Feedback Mechanism
Emotional EQ Assessment
Everything DiSC Assessment
Lumia Spark

Providing organizations and employers with a simple yet powerful model that seeks to revolutionize people management by optimizing their workforce towards excellence! By gaining expert insights which aim to deepen your understanding of self and others and successfully bridge the gap between communication by making workplace interactions and engagement even more enjoyable and effective with every passing second of the day!

Backed by 40 years of research and hands-on work of our experts, these assessments for learning are prepared by industrial leaders who aim to understand the psychological mind makeup of the individual and their personality styles.


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