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What Types of Temporary Staffing Solutions Do Staffing Companies Provide?

There are different kinds of temporary staffing services provided by various organizations for specific industries. However, if you are looking to hire on a temporary basis, it is worthwhile to know all the types of temporary staffing services to assess what suits your requirement. Read on to know how BYLD’s staffing services can help you to fulfill different kinds of people’s development needs. 

What are the types of Staffing Services offered by BYLD?

Contract Staffing Services: An organization can use contract staffing services to fill up its staffing requirements when the need arises. The contract staff is hired as per the business requirements of the organization. Contract staff is to be retained only for the duration of the agreed period. After the completion of the agreed period, the organization has the choice to retain the contract staff or not.

A contract employee is a person who is employed for a specific period or a specific task or a specific project. In India, the contract labor system is regulated by the Contract Labor (Regulation and Abolition) Act 1970 as amended by the Contract Labour (Amendment) Act, 1982. A contract laborer is a person hired for a specific task or project. In India, the contract labor system is regulated by the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act 1970 as amended by the Contract Labour (Amendment) Act, 1982.

Contract labor has the advantage of allowing both the recruiter and the recruiters to have a better idea of the potential candidate's qualifications. A study in the 1970s reported that there were about 3.6 million contract workers in India, and about 60 percent of them worked under contract labor. While most of these employees wanted permanent jobs, it has become a popular option for industrial jobs.

There is an increase in part-time employment opportunities available in India, on a contract and temporary basis. A recent study of contract labor in India in 2013, estimates that 3.6 crore workers are employed on contract in the country*. Even though it is generally preferable to have a permanent job, flexible part-time jobs are becoming more and more popular in the industrial sector.

What are other types of temporary staffing solutions?

Consultant Basis -

Many companies are always on the lookout to hire consultants that have immense expertise in a particular field as they can offer invaluable advice to their clients with the subject matter expertise they have thereby, enhancing professional development.

Onshore and Offshore Outsource Hiring

Small business owners generally try to reduce their HR costs by trying to outsource expert services for their temporary requirements or to fill in different vacancies. This type of hiring depends on tasks that can be performed both onshore or can also be carried out offshore or outside the office, across borders or nations.

Recruiting Directly – Direct Hire

This type of staffing service is offered by an organization when they directly recruit an employee mostly for their permanent requirements rather than hiring them on a contractual or temporary basis.

What are the benefits of Staffing Services Provided by BYLD?

Spread across diverse industries: BYLD provides its services that are extended to a wide range of industries such as FMCG and Consumer products, BFSI, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, IT, Engineering, BPO, and ITES, Automobiles, Manufacturing, and other verticals.

Dynamic services: We bridge the gap between inexperience and lack of resources by pooling our shared resources to help with the management of the top stores specific to the FMCG industry. We also provide our dynamic services that integrate different services with enhanced functions for general staffing, industrial staffing, and staff augmentation.

In-house technology: Our process-related services are dynamic as they integrate different services with enhanced functions such as general staffing, industrial staffing, and staff augmentation. This is due to our in-house technology which provides scalability in operating at a larger volume, check our features by clicking on the link.


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