Lead your way through skill development training and corporate training

Lead your way through skill development training and corporate training

The success of any task, especially in an organization depends on the skills of an individual. These skills majorly include – interpersonal skills, relationship building, communication skills, and corporate etiquettes. Using highly effective and time tested training programs for improving these skills of your employees is what companies are aiming at.

The trainings offered by Vitalsmarts are incomparable because of the creative approach. They are based on extensive research combined with informative and unique videos and original demonstrations. They ensure that the participants go through experiential training while enriching their skills.

The results show the effectiveness of the trainings offered. All the corporate trainings and skill development trainings that VitalSmarts offer have a reputation of contributing positively to successful organizational outputs and in bringing out the best in people.

Corporate Training and its importance

It is seen that in the current corporate scenario more and more companies are opting for corporate trainings. A decade or so ago, companies had this thinking that skill development trainings and expert corporate trainings are expensive and decided to steer away from them. The thinking has now evolved and companies who encourage training are reaping beneficial results.

Given below are 8 ways in which corporate trainings can help your business.

  1. Increased performance

A lot of employees feel that they haven’t reached their full potential because of lack in development opportunities. Corporate training addresses both strengths and weaknesses. Employees who undergo frequent training have improved skills, greater confidence in their abilities, and show increased productivity. Thus, these employees perform better.

  1. Improved morale and motivation

The corporate sector is dealing with a huge disengagement crisis. Keeping employees engaged at workplace is the top priority of most organizations. Companies who support training tend to make a motivational environment and show that their employees are valued. Feeling appreciated, helps employees to feel more satisfaction towards their jobs resulting in higher morale and motivation.

  1. Increased employee retention

Research says that 40% of employees who have least experience of training leave their job within the first year. While on the other hand, only 12% of employees who are given corporate training opportunities by their organization want to leave their organization. When skill development training is provided, it has a huge impact on employee retention and reduces cost of recruitment.

  1. Increased revenue

Companies that encourage their employees for training have 21% higher income per employee. It is a known fact that higher the efficiency, higher will be the revenue.

  1. Improved company reputation

Building a strong brand identity is the aim of every organization. With the right corporate training, it helps build a good reputation and stronger employee brand. Training is said to attract more talent and companies who invest in training and development tend to show more success and growth.

  1. Increased productivity

Research says that companies that invest in skill development training have 37% higher productivity as compared to companies that don’t encourage training. When employees are good at their job they are better at completing deadlines and doing the work efficiently. Training also increases employees’ confidence which gives a greater sense of enthusiasm and increased productivity.

  1. Better leadership and decision making

Leadership and decision making are two integral parts of any organizational culture. There are so many types of trainings, but skill development training and corporate training particularly help leaders create an edge. Using these trainings they can improve their skills and result in better conflict management and decision making.

  1. Increased innovation and creativity

Training should be a continuous process. Constant training and upskilling of employees encourages flow of new ideas, better creativity, and innovative thinking.

VitalSmarts is one of the top 20 leading training companies in India. They offer premium leadership programs that are awarded and globally recognized. The courses offered are intended to ensure skill development and facilitate high performance.

skill development training and corporate training

Skill development training modules

There are various trainings under skill development program provided by VitalSmarts. The 4 most common ones are –

  1. Crucial accountability

It is a master performance discussion with the aim of getting fruitful results and building strong relationships. On completion of training participants learn how to manage projects creatively by avoiding excuses, keep progress on track, and get over performance barriers.

  1. Crucial conversations

This one is a tool for talking when the stakes are high. It teaches participant to speak persuasively and not abrasively. Crucial conversations training helps in building teamwork by eliminating disagreements. It is also helpful in improving productivity, quality, and performance by mastering the skills of holding crucial conversations.

  1. Power of habit

Why we do what we do in life? Find out the answer to this and a lot more insights in this helpful training module that’s a part of skill development training.

  1. Influencer

The science of bringing a change, that’s what this particular training does. Influencer training helps to bring about a behavioral change to give long term results. Participants get to understand how to identify the real cause of behavioral problems. It also increases safety, services and processes compliance by motivating others regardless of having a formal authority.

Creating globally acclaimed training modules

The true identity of a leader isn’t by hierarchy, it is by their capacity and zeal to lead the team on the path of success. Providing support and guidance when needed and helping employees develop their life skills, that’s what a good leader does. With the development of these skills individuals can lead the organization with motivation, precision, problem-solving, and the right direction.

The corporate training by VitalSmarts lays stress on maintaining respect and integrity in an organization. This ensures there’s no friction between employees and an environment of open-mindedness prevails in the organization. This cumulatively will lead to effective communication, higher productivity, and greater employee engagement.


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