Are Virtual Team-Building Activities Effective?

Are Virtual Team-Building Activities Effective?

I was unaware of Experiential Learning simulation-based training programs. Luckily, I got an opportunity to attend as a participant by BYLD Group (the authorized partner to EAGLE’S FLIGHT in India).

I am very excited to share my feelings, learnings, and the program's impact on my personal and professional life during this virtual team-building activity in the company.

These company team-building games are created by EAGLE’s FLIGHT, a Canadian company and a global leader in experiential learning. I'm glad to tell you that they have shown their aptitude in their programs. These virtual team-building games can take a rapid flight to success and help you achieve your personal and organizational goals.

How Much Fun Do Virtual Team-Building Activities Hold?

So I was a part of one of the virtual team-building activities provided by Eagle’s Flight called “PROMISES, PROMISES!".

The program makes every participant understand the value of promises and fulfill the scenario-based circumstances.

I want to share some challenges that I faced in this simulation program. I believe that everyone as a human being is facing the same in their personal and professional lives, knowingly or unknowingly.

I faced:

  1. Rejection
  2. Trust
  3. Lack of Resources
  4. Timeline
  5. Fear of losing
  6. Scandals

And the “PROMISES, PROMISES!” program is the key to avoiding them and accelerating success.

So, with a bit of effort to ensure that these short-lived shortcomings helped me change the course of my life, I was through with a lot of key learnings.

And the learning included in this simulation are:

  1. Fulfill commitment
  2. Teamwork
  3. Supporting others
  4. Initiative
  5. Empathy
  6. Optimizing Relationship
  7. Common change
  8. Negotiation to win-win approach.

All these things we can learn in approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Training goes beyond the lecture and worksheets. An authentic learning experience that reflects on the process, the outcomes, the content, the goal, and the skills acquired from experience drive the learning experience home.

Let me give brief information about the simulation that makes all of this learning innovatively and uniquely possible.

The simulation is all about being in a UNITED LEAGUE OF NATION as the country representative and responsible for fulfilling their country's needs for five years. So the people will choose only them again as their leader.  

The simulation is designed so that participants can feel realistic notions because of the material used in the program. And although the elements are dummy, they still look like the real world, or you can say the thematic world. Every learning will get better by only doing it.

So in this theme, ten country representatives had to fulfill their people's needs and be a united league of the nation. Every representative had resources like WEALTH, FOOD, and ENVIRONMENT left by previous leaders and given a target to maintain needs for five years. And the simulation begins therein.

It was a highly interactive and highly engaging environment that the program initially ensured. It transformed participants by default to interactive and engaging with fun and doing. And after the simulation ended, the DEBRIEF SESSION conducted by the facilitator was excellent.

The facilitator effectively targeted all the challenges and solutions we faced and learned in the simulation connected to the workplace scenario or real-world difficulties.

The program ensures that participants engage and care about the highlighted matters. They focus on increasing psychological confidence to speak up, collaborate, and change the behavior instantly for an optimal solution for needs, maximizing your impact, and delivering accurate results. They also help you internalize personal and professional learnings and put long-term implications into it.

After attending this “Promises, Promises!” workshop, I have an everlasting memory of the program, its competencies, outcomes, etc. And it always connects by default whenever needed in my actual workplace.

I would say it is a very unique and innovative way to teach and learn anything instantly. I wish more and more people could avail the benefits of it.


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