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Employees Who Work in Collaboration are 17% More Satisfied. Use Team Building Games to Make Meaningful Connections

According to the Harvard Business Review, more and more businesses are advancing into different territories, which only means that telecommuting and virtual teams are indispensable tools for continuous business. The appeal of forming virtual teams is all about gaining flexibility for work and also personal life. Employees have opportunities to talk to colleagues from all around the world and access global talent and skills. However, getting the right virtual team connected and practical communication skills requires time and effort.

According to a seminal study, 82% of virtual teams fell short of their goals. Employees who collaborate are 17% more satisfied, while employees who do not collaborate have low-performance levels

Further, building engagement and connection with your employees is not a piece of cake. Here is why team building games are a necessary tool for effective team development.

Classification of Various Types of Teams

An organization has its mission, vision, and other objectives. Many teams make up a company and take up several different projects. Further, each team requires a specific team-building program to implement a better connection between their team members.

  1. Self-Managed Team - The main theory behind the concept of this team is that a group performance is more important than a few individuals performing well while the rest of the people do not live up to the standards. A self-managed team has about 10 to 15 members who work unitedly to achieve common goals. These teams are composed of people who are specifically chosen for a specialty. A disadvantage of the structure is that a few team members might need to gain the skills or the mentality to work together productively. In such a case, team building games provided individually on an individual basis can help to create a unified initiative toward collaboration.

  2. Problem-solving Team - These teams are created when a problem or issue needs to be solved immediately. The members are constituted based on their cognitive analytical thinking and how they can flexibly use their imagination to form innovations. These teams have 5 to 12 members who get together to analyze a problem and provide solutions. In many cases, they are given the independence to take action autonomously. A disadvantage of the team is that a few members might be more dominant than others, and participation from everyone might not be forthcoming. Team building games can assist these teams in understanding their negative personalities and checking their behavior. The games also provide confidence to the team members who feel they need to be more appreciated or are scared to share their opinions in the presence of dominant members.

  3. Virtual Teams - These teams have become the primary source of collaboration in the business sector today. They do not communicate physically on a one-on-one basis but through electronic modes such as videoconferencing, emails, or other virtual mediums. These teams are cost-effective and can connect people from diverse locations. The major disadvantage of the team is coordination and communication, which can be problematic given the different cultures and geographical boundaries. It is also difficult for members to understand verbal and non-verbal cues, which can also be hampered due to ineffective communication systems. For productive virtual teams, virtual team building programs must implement effective communication and teach members how to use verbal and non-verbal cues to translate information over Electronic mediums.

Impact of Virtual Team Building Programs on Building Cross-functional Leadership Teams

Team Building Games

Virtual Team Building Programs effectively build cross-functional teams that combine diverse skills and expertise to solve problems quickly. These games can increase collaboration between people who have specialized in several fields, such as software, management, human resource, advertising, brand, etc. Team building games can also be utilized to increase the leadership skills of the members so that they can solve problems and reduce arguments in the team.


It is best to research the kind of team you would like to build in your company. Understand the complexities attached to the teams and the members you want as a part of the team. Begin by introducing some team-building programs to implement better collaboration and communication. Use these programs to break the ice between different members to make the path easier when you move forward.


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