Learn Time-Management with Team-Building Activities

Learn Time-Management with Team-Building Activities

Can Corporate Team-Building Activities Help in Time Management?

Albert Einstein once said,

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

It is almost impossible to eliminate experience from life, and therefore it becomes the most powerful instrument to instill knowledge or skill within a person.

I believe that time is the most important tool to enhance workplace culture and allow people to adapt to it. Through actionable corporate team-building activities, I have learned time management and developed a course of action to keep myself updated.

I’m twenty-two, and though my experiences might be limited, my understanding of it has increased incessantly over time. I’ve been working with Eagle’s Flight for the past three months, and I can’t quantify the amount of perspective I’ve gained through it.

Eagle’s Flight is a Canadian brand that provides experiential and simulation-based learning to individuals and organizations through team-building activities and exercises, which helps them become more productive and effective. The activities are designed in such a way that it becomes engaging for the participants and provide them the opportunity to instantly translate the learning into their behavior.

My Personal Experience After Participating in These Team-Building Activities

I’ve personally attended a lot of these time management team-building activities myself, and I strongly believe that it creates a colossal impact on a person’s mentality. Participants are fully immersed in the simulation which makes the whole game all the more fascinating and captivating. The level of energy and enthusiasm I’ve witnessed is incomparable. In addition to this, these simulations are followed by a targeted debrief wherein the facilitators of the program help participants introspect on their behavior and come up with possible solutions. It is astonishing to see how limited the facilitators’ role is in bringing a sense of epiphany in the minds of the participants because they are already at the stage of revelation. They are prepared with the best possible behavior they should have manifested, mistakes they have committed in the course of the simulation, and how they can make efforts in the right direction. The facilitators thereafter help them streamline some of the competencies they should have encapsulated in their behavior.

Things that are hard to quantify are sometimes even harder to address. I’ve seen organizations getting obsessed with numbers, productivity, and anything that can boil down to quantification. In the garb of idealism, we often forget about things that matter the most. Elements like team collaboration, effective communication, and the ability to make better decisions remain untouched and unnoticed. I’m so liberated and eased by the fact that finally, we are addressing these issues with the help of Eagle’s Flight.

Eagle’s Flight provides a beautiful platform for organizations to focus on qualitative aspects that act as real catalysts to success. By enabling a larger number of participants to truly grow holistically with respect to team-building activities in their corporate life, I’m certain that the influence of experiential learning is going to be exponential and ubiquitous.


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