Leadership and Development Activities

Team Building Today is About being Hypervigilant to Accomplish a Collaborative Mindset

In 2023 companies are looking to accomplish agility in the business domain.

According to a LinkedIn report, learning and development are about putting people with skills at the center of organizational success.

Building an effective team is not only about looking at the needs at hand; because of the global economy, every organization looks at the bigger picture. The hybrid modes and the dispersed team culture have forced leaders to understand how to best increase collaboration between members through virtual methods using artificial intelligence. The best team building programs in India are all about providing an experience to the candidates online that will help them communicate better and build relationships for the future.

Leadership and Development Methods in 2023

Learning and development have undergone a drastic change in the business sector in India. It is all about technology and bringing people together on virtual platforms. Team building has also gone online, given the geographical boundaries. However, with technological advancements, these boundaries are separate from increasing skills and reducing gaps in the workforce. Here are some virtual team building programs and methods you should know about.

  1. Microlearning - Gone are the days when we have to sit in classes and take notes while training. Microlearning is, otherwise called bite-sized learning, an effective teaching method for corporate employees. This concept has been transforming and introducing social media platforms to provide education and training tools. The main essence of this learning is that learners can find any information they need and grow from it.

  2. Data-driven Learning - This is part of the learning management system which collects and analyzes different data suggesting solutions. Most learning platforms understand the needs of the candidates before providing a particular learning path. For example, experiential learning is used to reduce the gaps in skill in a person. It takes place after analyzing the expectations and needs of the person they want to develop according to the company culture. It is one of the best virtual team building programs taken up by businesses worldwide because of its versatility.

  3. Extended Reality - Extended reality, or XR, is becoming a trend in training. It includes all virtual reality, augmented reality, and also mixed reality. It lets employees experience real-life situations virtually and helps them interact and engage with colleagues. These virtual team building programs are essential for training for understanding learning competencies, which are costly when provided in a non-digital environment. Dangerous jobs such as construction and mining require such training methods. The applications of the extended reality go beyond training but also can be utilized in onboarding programs and even customer service.

6 Essential Leadership and Development Activities for 2023

Leadership and Development Activities

Apart from virtual reality, you can utilize many other activities during meetings or in the workplace to ensure a positive environment and collaboration. Some of the best team building programs in India are listed below:

  1. 70-20-10 - This model is known for its organizational learning, which says that successful leaders gain 70% of their knowledge from their experiences, while 20% is from interactions and 10% is from educational events. It is a thinking tool that can provide an individual with insight into the importance of learning on the job.
  2. Agile Learning - This is an approach toward learning which focuses on speed, flexibility, and collaboration. It initiates a culture in the company where employees take responsibility for themselves for self-development.
  3. Big 5 - The personality development tool provides insight into a person’s behavior and can be utilized in training methods or to change company culture and build an effective team.
  4. Human Knot - In a team-building activity, group your members and make them hold hands. While this is not possible virtually, you can use other methods to connect them before the meeting.
  5. Truth and a Lie - Make time for fun activities in the company, like asking each member to share a truth and a lie.
  6. Scavenger Hunt - Use virtual reality systems to play scavenger hunt with your employees. Have them communicate online to solve problems and mysteries.


The above are some popular virtual team building programs that you can utilize to enhance the morale and engagement of your workers. 2023 is all about collaboration and change management in an organization. Considering the same, team building activities are essential for development.


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