Best Team Activities Virtually for Communication- Museum Caper

Top Virtual Team-Building Activities for Employees

In Eagle’s Flight’s mystery-themed virtual experiential activity, Museum CaperTM, participants work in teams as detectives to track down the culprits of three major robberies using the evidence left at the scene of each crime.

By cross-referencing the clues they receive, they eliminate suspects and identify the true criminals. Involve in a virtual world of Museum CaperTM to identify the three best practices to succeed by conducting outdoor team building activities.


  • Ideal for all team members for training
  • Virtual delivery


  • Provide timely feedback that can keep the team progressing to the goal
  • A team’s productivity increases with virtual team building activities for employees
  • Seek understanding to achieve the right results
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency of communications
  • Create overall clarity and prevent miscommunications

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