Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a person’s skill at perceiving, understanding, and managing emotions. It is seen in what we do each day and how we interact with others.

Learn key concepts in emotional intelligence:

  • Discover your emotional intelligence skill Levels
  • Understand the business case for emotional intelligence
  • Explore the range of emotions
  • Write your own EQ learning agenda
  • Set your plan in motion
  • Explore negative and positive self-talk patterns
  • Rewrite your own negative inner dialogue
  • Discover the role your emotions play in conflict
  • Talk about brain change strategies from six wisdom sources
  • Learn techniques for raising self and social awareness, and managing your emotions and relationships
  • Explore your own behavior during positive and negative emotions
  • Lean into your own discomfort by committing to observe one emotion

EQ can be learned

Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence is a skill that can be greatly improved with practice. Building emotional intelligence skills offers everyone the opportunity to be increasingly effective on the job, regardless of profession or job level.

Begin developing your emotional intelligence by attending this powerful two-day workshop.

According to research, 58% of job performance is due to things like self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. We thought it was time that the world knew how to develop these skills.