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For the first time in India, we at BYLD Group, in partnership with Jenson8 (a UK-based award-winning Virtual Reality training company), bring highly effective Virtual Reality leadership courses. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT SO FAR IN THE INDIAN MARKET.

Outdoor training, classroom training, and e-learning have all been utilized to solve corporate teamwork, collaboration, and communication difficulties for decades. Things are changing now….

We bring into the Indian market The FUTURE of Leadership development through VIRTUAL REALITY LEARNING SOLUTIONS by Jenson8.


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The Jenson8 Platform collects crucial data from user sessions. It provides deep insight into the organization, allowing them to adjust leadership and team development strategies and make smarter decisions about structuring their organizations for maximum impact. And it will result in detailed insight about participants through reports narrating strengths, growth opportunities, and suggestions for ongoing coaching and development.

VR-Learners felt 3.75 times more connected to the content than classroom learners and 2.3 times more than e-learners.

Source: PWC Virtual Reality Study, June 2021


Virtual Reality holds the promise of radically transforming the field of learning and development. Adding the VR delivery modality to your professional development curriculum gives you a significant competitive advantage.

VR Learners are:



faster to train than in the classroom



more emotionally connected to content than classroom learners



more confident to apply skills learned after training



more focused than their e-learning peers

Source: PwC VR Soft Skills training Efficacy Study, 2020

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Empowering your Business using VR

With the use of technology, the experience is close to the real world, realistic and relevant skill transfer happens, which leads to higher engagement and retention levels.


Ensure your teams stay connected to and invested in your organization by taking them through a fascinating development process.


Truly engage with your teams through the process of personal and leadership development. It doesn't get more fascinating than Virtual Reality.


Bring your leaders and employees into an environment that encourages them to solve problems and collaborate.


Participants complete a psychometric self-assessment before the workshop. This data developed by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington is used in the debriefing process at the end of the workshop.


The immersive experience allows participants to observe and reflect on their behavior and that of others as they accomplish (or not) the goals and meet the challenges of the situation. The experience is provided in "cycles", each concluding with learning debrief, resulting in a continual improvement process.


Using multidimensional feedback (including psychometrics), learners understand the impact of their behavior on themselves, others, and their organization. Facilitated roundtable discussions result in action plans to realize lasting behavioral change.

Powered by BYLD Group and Jenson8...... For You!

Focused Scenarios: With an array of ready-to-go scenarios, we can deliver real learning experiences that focus on critical issues such as leadership, communication, teamwork, inclusion, learner mindset, and talent assessment.

Tailored Workshops: Your workshop can be scheduled to meet your specific requirements. It can potentially incorporate information from our extensive collection, such as other people’s and teams’ leadership, trust, etc.

Backed by science: The Jenson8 psychometrics have been developed in conjunction with a research lab at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, to ensure that the measurements are relevant to job performance and workplace culture.

Delivered to suit you: Our virtual reality experience can be provided at our VR Lab in Gurgaon or in a location to serve you. We can even bring the equipment to your learners’ houses for remote virtual delivery.

Integration with your other initiatives: We’ll work with you to make sure that critical messages about workplace values, behavior, and inclusiveness are highlighted to help you achieve your specific target culture.

Seize the Opportunity to TRANSFORM LEARNING WITHIN YOUR ORGANIZATION and Experience Innovation Firsthand.

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