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BYLD Group introduces highly effective CREATIVITY and INNOVATION solutions that are exclusively designed by Tirian Innovative Solutions, Australia.

We, in partnership with Dr. Andrew Grant (Executive Director at Tirian, Author, Facilitator, Speaker, and Innovation for Transformation Specialist), offer expertise in organizational transformation through strategic innovation.

We bring expertise in diagnosing and building innovation capability in leaders and teams, to support sustainable change for our clients and partners.

Creative thinking makes people energetic, curious, optimistic, and innovative. When challenges are addressed in a collaborative setting, creative thinking permits you to come up with more ideas and solutions.


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Creative Thinking Fundamentals

The Tirian platform empowers the participants to enter a Digital Board Game-themed Crime Scene InvestigationTM program designed to enhance creative thinking, identifying the mental blocks caused due to psychological, environmental, or organizational barriers.


The USP of this solution is that it allows individuals, teams, and organizations to actually identify the neurological and environmental blocks restricting the creativity of individuals. It develops an understanding of an innovative work environment and a creative mindset.

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TIRIAN solutions are not only best in class, but also specifically created to meet every demand related to the mode of delivery.


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