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Difficult to Find Human Connection in this New Reality? Read on

Human Connection

A lot has happened lately. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations across the world have adopted remote working as their new workstyle. This transition has not been easy, many employees are feeling depressed due to their inability to work without human contact. But despite these changes and challenges, every organization has its deadlines and it is your duty to execute company goals. Workplace environment and culture may not be on everyone’s minds right now, but this is precisely the time where your team needs support.

In the present scenario, we know that authentic human connection and engagement is tough. The last thing anyone needs is a boss who forcefully includes time-intensive virtual meetings to increase team bonding, which does not provide any result. 

A new virtual solution for strong organizational culture: This pandemic has caused disruptions across organizations, which will have a long-term impact. A very noticeable change is how the collaborative and engaged culture of organizations is starting to become disconnected. What could be the reason behind it?

The uncertainty in this new working style and lack of physical human interaction is putting big pressure on the notion of teamwork. Working from home is just not the same as being together in the office, and the authentic human connections that drove your engaged, collaborative culture pre-COVID are not translating smoothly in this new, virtual environment.

But there is a way to enhance your team’s ability to engage and productively collaborate while working remotely. Introducing Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™.

 Everything DiSC on Catalyst is a training program that equips people with skills to adapt to the style of others, ultimately improving engagement, collaboration, and the overall quality of the organization. This program is rooted in three core elements that provide a long-lasting impact on learners.

Personalized with DiSC: You know that no two human beings are alike, so a one-size-fits-all approach to developing our social and emotional skill-set likely would not work. Everything DiSC on Catalyst understands this dynamic and offers each one of your learners a highly personalized experience built on the foundation of DiSC®, a simple, yet powerful model that describes four basic personality styles:

  • D for Dominance
  • i for Influence
  • S for Steadiness and
  • C for Conscientiousness

Instructor-led training: The real magic of this program comes to light through active conversations in the group training experience. The difference between e-learning and this model is that, while e-learning provides information on the desired skill, this training helps your social and emotional growth, alongside giving you your required skill set. 

The all-new Catalyst™ platform: The last element of this training is the all-new Catalyst platform. This closes the gap between insight and action by connecting your learners with each other and taking engagement in the right direction. This will require repetition and constant practice, as behavioral patterns do not change overnight.

To conclude, Everything DiSC on Catalyst supports an engaged, collaborative, and adaptive workforce that drives results…even virtually. 

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