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The Post COVID-19 Future of Face-to-Face Training

Face to face Training

The world has undergone a massive change in all aspects of life due to COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are strategizing new methods to gain an edge in the market, conservative businesses are shutting down, job roles which may have not been relevant before, are now coming into focus, etc. This has hopefully taught organizations to embrace technology faster.

Remote working is the reality now, and understandably employees are finding it difficult to adjust to this new workstyle. After all, face to face interaction has been the core of traditional work style for as long as we can remember. Even after the COVID-19 situation has been dealt with, work from home model is here to stay.

Here are some changes you might notice in the post COVID19 future:

A shift in mindset:

For a long time, people have been made to think that remote working is impractical. It was said that businesses cannot survive without direct interactions or face-to-face training is the only way to learn, etc. While this may have been true before, currently we have the proper technology and infrastructure to support remote working. Since this pandemic has forced us to work from home, people are slowly realizing the potential of this new work style. L&D industry has already adopted virtual training and with many unforeseen challenges this year, companies have started looking at online learning as a must-have.

Development of key digital skills:

This pandemic has brought online learning into the spotlight. Traditionally study on mainstream subjects was done face-to-face, but now technology has progressed to a point where online learning may become a better alternative to traditional learning. Foreseeing the rising importance of digital skills, many organizations have already started virtual training of their employees. In today’s scenario, it is required that employees from every field have a good grasp of core digital skills.

New decision-making criteria:

There may be a change in who makes the decisions. Until now, all the technology decisions were taken from top to bottom. The people who used these technologies were given specific instructions on how the company wanted them to handle it. But this pandemic has forced organizations to transform their work culture. Decision making has been democratized. Now, unlike before, people who directly work on a company’s tech side, are also involved in mainstream decision making. 

To conclude, our society is undergoing a massive shift due to the COVID19 pandemic, and the future is all about virtual working. We have to therefore change our mindset, develop relevant digital skills, and rethink how to stay connected as a human while working in a virtual environment. 

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