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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer Program
Train the Trainer Program

With changing times, it is important to stay relevant in the world so that you do not lose your edge with the fierce competition that is out there. Staying competitive and updated with the latest trends in your market is more important now than ever. However, having to stay relevant in your industry required you to train and development areas that shape your success.


Training your employees is a necessity but training your leaders or managers is a smart decision! Employees expect more competency and dynamism from their leader and every employee responds to different leadership styles. Leadership styles can no longer stay conservative and traditional, it has to change with changing times to be able to adapt to the newer trends and dynamics of the world.


A well-trained and empowering workforce is very important for a thriving business. Training your leaders and managers determine the path of success that an organization takes as a runway to set its flight towards success.


It is estimated that around 60% of millennials want leadership training. Also around 86% of millennials would be kept from leaving their current position if training and development were offered by their employer.


This is the reason why corporates all around the world participate in internal training programs as recent studies have deemed training programs to be the most effective way that enables learning and development.


The engagement level of these training programs differs from trainer to trainer which is why training the trainers is also of the essence since their way of training will ensure that employees learn to acquire fast the knowledge and skills that are necessary for them to apply and increase their work performance.


However, many of these training programs do not meet the requirements of the learners. Only about 38% of managers believe that their training programs meet learners’ needs whereas the rest are not confident about their learning outcomes meeting the demands of their employees. You must wonder how training programs can possibly go wrong, it is because the learner’s perspective is lost and not anatomized into the modules.


According to Ryan Austin, the founder of Expert Knowledge states that about 75 % of corporations do not design their training modules with a purpose or adapt an approach to Instructional Design. This is one of the most contributing factors to the failure of corporate training.


How would you rectify this error or train your coaches or mentors? You will have to tap into the capacity of the subject matter experts and make them capable of teaching their employees or clients in the most efficient and effective way! Here’s how the train the trainer concept comes into the picture.


What is the train the trainer program?

Train the Trainer model is framed with the intention of engaging master trainers to coach their new trainers that may not have as much of an experience that does by covering areas that need to be worked on. This workshop can help your organization build a large and skilled pool of competent instructors who can empower and enable an effective learning process!


Essentially, these programs tend to specialize the new trainers towards a certain topic of skills. So instead of having one trainer who trains your employees for a long time, you can now have multiple trainers teaching the same course or specific course with their specialization field in the Train the Trainer model.


In the organization, there has been a rise in the demands of capable leaders which is why the Train the trainer module is an effective program that provides training to potential leaders and managers by empowering them to become capable leaders.


This program focuses on generating a generation of new and well-equipped leaders that can lead different teams in the organization and lead them to success. They extensively work to impart essential skills and knowledge to their employees by making them learn newer skills, helping them optimize their productivity and work performance.


According to CDC Healthy Schools, Training and Professional Development, the main goal of the model is to prepare instructors to present information effectively, respond to participant questions, and lead activities that reinforce learning. (source)

Other goals include ensuring that trainers can:


• Direct participants to supplementary resources and reference materials.

• Lead discussions.
• Listen effectively.
• Make accurate observations.
• Help participants link the training to their jobs.


New trainers also get to learn the know-how and importance of maintaining eye contact, presenting a positive attitude, speaking in a clear voice, gesturing appropriately, maintaining interest, and keeping their concepts clear by dispelling any room for confusion.


One such effective train the trainer’s module at BYLD provides a pyramid effect of training that empowers trainers so that they can impart their acquired knowledge to their mentees and enable fruitful learning outcomes. This module seeks to establish the dictum of rising by uplifting others by ensuring permanent skill transfer from trainer to the mentee so that the legacy of training continues.


For any business or corporate to thrive, it is important that your leaders are the experts in their field of domain and can mentor others to one day step into their shoes! For organizations to reach their milestones, it is important to impart well-founded expertise and knowledge to develop a well-trained workforce that is motivated to strive for success. If you are a capable leader, you must expand the potential capacity of your employees by influencing them to push their limits and outshine!