Cultivating Performance At Every Level


Breakthroughs is one of the most in-demand InsideOut Coaching programs that helps bring the best in each and everyone in the team.

The success of your company’s strategic initiatives depends on the commitment and proactive behavior of those on the front line, the individual contributors responsible for executing and making it happen.


5 new world corporate threats | One solution

A vast majority of new world businesses face threats, such as:

  • Unclear goals
  • Poor decision-making
  • Overbearing or micromanagement
  • Lack of ownership
  • Unproductive conversations

Breakthroughs: A program to create self-leaders

Breakthroughs program ensures the following qualities in each and every team member:

  • Accountability
  • Problem-solving mindset
  • Proactive decision-making
  • Empowered
  • Motivated
  • Open to feedback

Why Breakthroughs

  • Organizations are focusing on developing ICs as they are the frontline force and critical to executing the strategy & action plans. As per some of the research :
    • 50% OF INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS feel their jobs are stagnant. (Gallup 2015 engagement survey)
    • 1/3 JUST DO THEIR JOB and nothing more. (DDI pulse of the workforce survey)
  • Organizations are trying to equip the ICs with skillsets and mindsets where they act & think like a SELF LEADER, thus adding value to their work. It builds a healthy and empowered workforce that is accountable, innovative, and productive.

Breakthroughs: Coaching done to them Coaching done with them

Overview & Learning Objectives

  • Features a simple, replicable self-coaching process to achieve breakthroughs quickly easily using the same framework as InsideOut Coaching
  • Participants apply the Performance Wheel, Check-In Questions, and GROW® to enhance their performance, create Breakthrough Plans, seek coaching and complete action challenges
  • Builds more resilient, accountable and self-starting employees
  • Breakthroughs works when team members and leaders make these connections and develop together

Breakthroughs: Learning impact

Overview & Learning Objectives

  • Shared language
  • Improved coachability
  • Increased accountability
  • Enhanced promotability

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