How King Kahufu Virtual Team Game is a Great Learning Platform for Employees?

How King Kahufu Virtual Team Game is a Great Learning Platform for Employees?

I am glad to share my experience with the virtual program hosted by Eagle's Flight Experiential Learning simulation called "King Kahufu," a half-day virtual, hybrid training that influences the participants' behavior in a fun and interactive manner.

It is an ancient Egypt-themed virtual experiential activity where participants play the roles of agents like Archaeologist, Mayor, Scientist, Entrepreneur & Producer representing the major interest groups assembled to assess a newly discovered pyramid in a town called Nehri. Together, they proposed a plan of action for opportunities that emerged due to the discovery. The goal of the experience is to accomplish personal objectives as well as the team's collective objectives.

It is a fun simulation that engages participants with high energy, enhancing practice and applying the Seven Cornerstones of Teamwork. This virtual team game optimizes team performance to impact results favorably and creates a cohesive, effective team with a positive mindset for effective communication with clarity and purpose.

When the game started, everyone was assigned a role, allotted an individual target along with the team target, and given a budget of 1 million dollars to invest. It was a fun game where a lot of planning, strategic thinking, and collaboration happened. We were given about 90 minutes to develop an optimal investment strategy to achieve individual and team goals.

Being Stuck in a Hybrid Work Environment

After every fifteen minutes of the game, we were given about four minutes of time to reflect on how we were doing concerning communication, collaboration, planning, and creative thinking. Each member of the team was deeply involved in the activity. Everyone gave their suggestions and inputs, which made us realize how significant our contribution was to the team's success. I could feel the craziness among the team, though it was a virtual session.

Being stuck in a hybrid work environment, this virtual simulation program is simply amazing. It brings the team together and offers fun, learning, and experience that ensures a long-lasting impact on the participants.

Post the experience; we had a debrief session with a facilitator who connected the lessons learned with the reality of the workplace. He made us realize the value of proper planning, clear communication, and team cohesiveness. The facilitator seemed to be a well-experienced person with in-depth knowledge of the industry. The debrief session was like a feel-good moment where we realized how even minor things could change our work life and help us become more productive. I could sense enthusiasm among our team members for implementing the various learnings in work life.

Overall, it was a great experience with a lot of fun and learning. I would cherish this experience for the rest of my life and recommend it to colleagues who weren't part of this fantastic game. I would also like to thank the Eagle's Flight team for creating such an excellent game, and I look forward to experiencing other virtual simulation programs.


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