Coaching Foundation Module 1

Module I covers essential topics that will help you become a successful and effective coach. Overall, this module is a comprehensive start that will equip you with essential skills and knowledge to become a successful and effective coach. In different phases:

We will learn about ethical practice and coach values, and gain insights on how to navigate ethical dilemmas with integrity. Additionally, you will learn about the road to becoming an accredited coach, which is essential for gaining credibility and recognition in the coaching industry.

As coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client, and you will learn how to embody a coaching mindset that fosters a collaborative relationship with your client. You will also learn the fundamental skill of evoking awareness, which involves helping the client gain insights and perspectives that they may not have been aware of before.


Subsequently, we will focus on how to manage client trust and intimacy effectively. We will show you how to measure the effectiveness of your coaching sessions and make necessary improvements to enhance the quality of your coaching.

Last but not least, we shall cover Coaching for Performance where you will learn how to help your clients achieve their goals and improve their performance in various aspects of their lives.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the topics covered

S. NoModule NameLearning GoalTime (Mins)
01Intro to Professional CoachingUnderstand What is Professional Coaching?80
02Ethical Practice and Coach ValuesDemonstrate Understanding of Role and Responsibility of Coach.90
03Road to be an accredited CoachUnderstand the Steps and Process to get Certified as Coach60
04Coaching is PartnershipEstablishes and Maintains Agreements120
05Embodying a Coaching MindsetThe mindset of Coach60
06Evoking AwarenessLearn, how to frame Powerful Questions.125
07Introduction to FRAME Model of coaching by BYLDLearn the cognitive steps to coach the clients.135
08Mastering FRAME ModelLearn to master the steps sequentially to create acceleration and depth in using the Coaching Model130
09Applying FRAME to Career CoachingPractice FRAME to help Clients in Career development Situations110
10Managing Client Trust and IntimacyUnderstand, how trust and Intimacy can be cultivated to create meaningful relationships with Clients60
11Evaluation of Coaching Effectiveness using Kirk Patrick's Model.How to create 4 types of assessments strategies for Coaching Effectiveness60
12Coaching for Performance Mastering FRAME model for enhancing client performance180
13How to design actions at end of Each call?Help clients move forward in direction towards what the goal is?130
14Facilitate Client GrowthLearn to build positive accountability for Coaching Effectiveness180