The Persuasive Salesperson™ (PS)

The Persuasive Salesperson™ (PS) is a 16-hour, skills training methodology, which gives participants a lifelong tool for communicating more powerfully and persuasively in different types of business and professional situations.

The methodology is based on Persona’s Social Styles and Trust Building Models, proven over the past 37 years to be one of the world’s most effective communication skills training programs.

Key Benefits

  • ACTIONABLE: Emphasis is on acquiring immediately usable skills rather than learning theory.
  • EASILY UNDERSTANDABLE: A simple practical methodology that keys on existing personal and work experience.
  • LONG-TERM BENEFIT: The Gameplanning Software can be applied repeatedly to future communication challenges.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Skills are effective in both business and personal settings.
  • TAILORED PROGRAMMING: The Gameplanning Software can be integrated to incorporate the benefits of a company’s specific products and services.
  • THOROUGH DOCUMENTATION: Reports and guides give complete feedback and information.
  • UNIVERSAL TRUTHS: Principles and skills learned are applicable in all cultures.
  • WORK RELATED: Participants address real-life challenges by developing an actionable plan to communicate more effectively with a specific individual at work.

Learning Outcomes

Effective Salesperson at the interpersonal level

  • Understanding the importance of people skills, principles of good communication and cooperation.

Communication Style Basics

  • Introduction to Persona’s four style concepts – Controlling, Promoting, Facilitating, and analytical

How to Build Trust

  • The Persona Trust Model
  • How people perceive you as a trust builder
  • Working with individuals and teams to achieve the optimum results

Empathy, Flexibility & Defensiveness

  • Change and defensiveness – how to respond to defensive behavior and turn it around
  • Interpersonal flexibility
  • How to build empathy and flexibility with others.

Selling Process

  • A step-by-step analysis of the sales process.
  • Developing goals and appropriate actions for each stage of the sales cycle.
  • Applying the knowledge of communication styles to the sales process.

Role Playing–Preparing for that Difficult Client

Introduction of each participant’s individual Gameplan:

  • Reviewing the Gameplan’s step-by-step approach and effectively communicating with your targeted key account or difficult client.
  • Role playing with participants on applying improved sales skills.
  • Action planning for continued application of the skills acquired for your most important customers.