Essential Skills for the Newly Appointed Manager

Many new managers, when placed in a position of authority over former peers, need to know how to handle this unfamiliar situation. They need to learn how to recognize the various work styles of those they manage in order to tailor their leadership approach accordingly. Persona GLOBAL®, Inc.’s Transition to Management workshop gives them the skills necessary to fulfill their new responsibilities with confidence.

The Manager as a Leader

Employees only produce quality work and give excellent service when they are inspired to do so through effective leadership. While effective managers keep the system on an even keel and headed in the right direction, effective leaders provide the dynamics to make new things happen.

The Key Benefits

  • Examine the importance of Vision and Communication in effective Leadership.
  • Discover how and why people do or do not communicate effectively.
  • Learn to see yourself as others perceive you and identify your management style.
  • Learn how to build trust in your communications with subordinates as a basis for teamwork and cooperation.
  • Practice applying flexibility in problem solving to develop winning solutions that support teamwork.
  • Build increased awareness of your behavior, needs and values, and how these impact your effectiveness in leading and managing others.
  • Develop a personal plan for maximizing leadership and management effectiveness by:

– Learning what effective leadership is.

– Assessing your current strengths.

– Identifying areas of opportunity for improvement.

– Completing the Manager as a Leader

  • Plan to identify specific activities and behaviors that will result in increased leadership effectiveness.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of your communication style as others perceive you.
  • Your strengths and weaknesses as a trust builder and leader.
  • A systematic approach to understanding and managing others.
  • A new plan for interacting with colleagues, especially those with whom you most need a more effective approach.
  • A proven leadership process you can use continually to deal with anyone—especially those difficult people in your life.