Great Leadership Starts with a Workplace Culture Built on Trust

Trust is at the heart of every relationship, and it's essential in the workplace. The most significant factor affecting employee turnover is whether employees and their managers have developed a trusting relationship. Our trust-building program teaches managers to build trusting relationships to increase engagement, creativity, and commitment.

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Understanding and Developing the Elements of Trust

We know the importance of trust in all relationships. Our Building Trust program can help your leaders and team members understand how to build trust in the workplace and repair it when it breaks.

Based on 30 years of research, our trust experts have developed a simple yet effective trust model that provides a common language and framework to focus on specific behaviors that help build trust.

Through a Building Trust program, individuals can understand the impact of their actions on building or eroding trust and identify areas that need attention to build and maintain relationships.

Delivery options to suit your needs

We can deliver Building Trust in-person, as a virtual session, as part of a learning journey, or as a self-guided or moderated online version, so your managers can learn how to build or restore trust anytime, anywhere.

To ensure that your managers can learn the methodology wherever they are and whenever they have the time, SLII® can also be a component of a learning journey or taught in a self-directed online or moderated online version.

Half-Day Instructor-led Course

This is a half-day course with four hours of instructions. With hundreds of facilitators worldwide, we can deliver sessions for your organization or equip you to run them yourself. All designs include engaging participant materials, videos, and learning activities that teach participants the following key concepts: The Building Trust framework, how to develop an action plan to engage in more trustworthy behaviors, a three-step process for restoring trust, and how to plan and practice two trustworthy conversations.


The Main Aspect Affecting Employee Performance is Trust.

18% of respondents claim they don't trust their supervisor, and 49% of employees say they've left a job because of a strained working relationship with their manager.1

One of the main factors affecting employees' effectiveness at work, according to 45% of them, is a lack of faith in their leadership.2

Establish A Foundation For Trust

You have the basis for creating a successful organization when your team members and their leaders have mutual respect. This trust promotes more significant levels of teamwork, improved creativity and risk-taking, successful business strategy implementation, and enhanced dedication and loyalty to your organization.


Increased Efficiency

Employees are more dedicated and give more discretionary effort.


Hold on to Your Talent

Employee retention and recommendations of the business as a great place to work are more likely.


Promote Innovation & Creativity

Employees feel comfortable speaking more candidly and offering their finest suggestions.


Create Collaboration

Teams and coworkers support one another and cooperate to complete tasks.

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