Expert facilitation brings learning to life

Whether in person or virtually, our experienced facilitators are skilled at bringing the content for leadership development to life and making it captivating. An accomplished group, they join Blanchard with more than 10 years of training and development experience, advanced degrees in organizational development or related professions, and multilingual fluency. Additionally, by using cutting-edge instructional technologies and reflecting on the most recent performance development research, our continual upskilling strategy ensures they stay on the cutting edge.

Talk to an Expert

Blanchard’s Unrivaled Facilitators Deliver Unmatched Results

When Blanchard facilitators teach your people, they will speak with winning confidence and wisdom, as they possess a powerful blend of workplace experience and presentation savvy.


Masterful Knowledge

Facilitators understand the content deeply and have the workplace experience to contextualize it.


Engaging Presenters

Their hallmark is to engage a classroom and motivate learners to use the content.


Impressive Credentials

The facilitators at our company read and contribute to leading academic journals are adjunct professors, and present at learning and development conferences regularly.

What Makes Our Facilitators Unique



We’re skilled at running off-the-shelf and custom programs.


Diverse Experience

We’ve worked in numerous industries and have extensive global experience.


Superior Results

Our facilitators’ expertise means you'll be thrilled with their work.



Our facilitators turn their knowledge of your company into expert insight.


Train the Trainer

We’ll teach your people how to run engaging workshops.



We’ll inspire your people with a keynote lecture.

Create an inspiring learning initiative with Blanchard facilitation

At Blanchard, we offer the industry's most experienced and engaging facilitators to ensure the success of your next learning initiative. With our proven leadership and management development training content, we inspire your people to take it into your workplace and implement it through some of the industry's leading trainers, coaches, and facilitators.