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Business owners and executives often seek coaches' help to understand better how to lead themselves and others. Instead of taking the time and effort to create a program from the ground up, why not utilize Blanchard's research-backed content? Doing so allows you to invest more energy in meaningful conversations with your clients while still providing them with our highly regarded models and frameworks. This common language assists them in self-reflection and helps them on their way to meeting their goals.


Complete the Blanchard Leadership Coach Certification program to advance your career

Beginning this year, Blanchard introduces its new coaching certification program. It has been designed and led by Madeleine Blanchard, the company's Chief Coaching Architect and co-founder of Blanchard Coaching Services. As a master-certified executive coach, keynote speaker, and consultant with expertise in leadership and neuroscience, she is ready to guide you through the program. It provides an opportunity to garner up to 39 credits from the International Coaching Federation for certificate renewal. Alongside exploring the latest advances in neuroscience and appreciative inquiry research, you'll also benefit from building connections with peers during this journey. Upon completing the course and receiving a coach’s toolkit full of helpful content and resources for your clients, you will also gain invaluable insight into best practices.

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As part of our relentless pursuit of helping leaders everywhere gain the skills they need to serve their people better, we also empower coaching professionals to meet their goals. Moreover, our programs and resources can increase coaches' credibility by helping them expand their expertise, customize their solutions, and develop their expertise. Find out how coaches have built a successful coaching business and enabled more successful coaching engagements by learning about the tools and content they have used.