Tailor content and delivery to meet your learning needs

Creating a personalized leadership development program can be invigorating yet overwhelming. There are endless obstacles, such as developing engaging content and applying the leadership development lessons learned to real-world practices or selecting suitable technology. Fortunately, our specialists are here to guarantee your program is triumphant. We collaborate with you to understand your target audience, determine desired outcomes, discuss the project's particulars, and construct a comprehensive solution to empower your learners into highly effective leaders. Discover how we can help develop learning experiences to enhance your company's culture today.

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Transform your people with
customized programs


Collaborative Design and Development

We tailor learning experiences based on your organization's unique needs and culture.


Evidence-Based Content

Research and best practices are incorporated into our leadership development content.


Multiple Modalities

To meet leaders' learning needs and availability, training is delivered in various ways, both human and digital.

How We Tailor and Customize


Persona Exploration

Understand who you are looking to engage


Success Factors

Ensure strong sponsorship, integration, reinforcement, and measurement


Learning Journeys

Develop a multi-level curriculum for each level of leadership


Custom Content

Develop new or integrate your existing content



Technology-enabled approaches should be evaluated and implemented



Create context by integrating and building upon learning experiences


Our Solutions Architecture Center of Excellence

Among Blachard's Solutions Architects are experts in performance excellence, design thinking, coaching, learning experience design, measurement and evaluation, and enterprise learning technologies. They know how to create learning solutions that change people for the better.

Our highly collaborative approach gives you the time and insight to evaluate the design, run the pilot, refine the offering, and scale it across your organization.

Custom design principles

When partnering with you, our Solution Architects follow these principles.

  1. Building leadership bench strength and ensuring our efforts are rooted in business outcomes
  2. Create a learning experience that unfolds over time, not a single activity
  3. Drive human connection, break down silos, and create a vibrant learning environment
  4. Create powerful learning experiences by combining time-tested approaches with cutting-edge delivery tools
  5. Boost learning with sustainment campaigns, mobile apps, virtual reality, chatbots, and our extensive library of curated content

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As each organization has its own cultures and challenges, shouldn't its approach to developing its leaders also be unique? To prepare your people for leadership success in your organization, we believe it’s critical to understand what it looks like and create learning experiences that will prepare them. We aim to help you unlock your people's potential and put your business in the fast lane to success by creating a personalized solution.

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