Curiosity and Research Driven

Invention is nothing new. Humans have been innovating for centuries, and we have benefited from their research, practice, and intentional discoveries. There have also been happy accidents that led to things like chocolate chip cookies, Scotchgard, the microwave, Play-Doh, Post-it notes, penicillin, etc. Nevertheless, the unexpected outcomes required the presence of mind and curiosity of those lucky discoveries.

At the Blanchard Innovation Lab, we work to confront organizational and workforce challenges that come with a rapidly changing world. We strive to create the conditions necessary for innovation, strategizing, and research while recognizing that the best solutions sometimes arise unexpectedly. Our team actively utilizes its top resources to stay ahead of the curve in cultivating successful leadership development.


Innovation: How We Think About It

Leadership Development is for Everyone

Regardless of how we approach the world, we ensure our solutions are accessible to everyone.

No Bright, Shiny Objects

There are always changes in platforms, modalities, and the digital landscape. Innovation is less about a must-have platform and more about utilizing your best tools to engage and inspire students.

We Are Storytellers

The power of stories that share our challenges, successes, and new ideas drives us to be data-driven and research-oriented.

Why Learning Journeys Deliver Results


Scalable Experiences

They deliver engaging, real-time learning at scale



They are a space for passionate leaders to form meaningful connections


Mobile-First Learning

They give anyone with a smartphone the opportunity to become an unstoppable force for the greatest good


Democratizing Leadership Development

They give small businesses meaningful development opportunities


Extended Reality

They use the metaverse to help leaders grow


How do we work differently?

Typically, innovators innovate based on one of three reasons: to fill a gap, to improve something, or to satisfy a curiosity, play, or enjoyment whim. In the Innovation Lab, we reflect on all three of these prompts in our work.

We have fun while we work.

We strive to find joy in the process no matter what we do to meet learners' needs and expectations.

Possibilities are always open to us.

Taking work and learning seriously without sacrificing the things that make us human-humor, connection and play is what innovation is about.

We keep learners at the center.

Learners are excited about learning. How do they learn? What needs do they have that aren't being met? We don't hesitate to ask questions, try on solutions, and pivot if necessary.