Inspiring and engaging keynotes

Demonstrate your dedication to the career growth of your organization by including a keynote presentation as a crucial part of your training scheme or corporate event. Our workshops, featuring experienced speakers familiar with Blanchard’s material, are built upon our celebrated content. Collaborate with us to choose the right presentation to create engagement and enthusiasm for your leadership coaching program. This educational experience will leave a lasting impression on all involved.

Bringing leadership concepts to life

Engage learners to influence change, spark engagement.

Build excitement for learning journeys

Demonstrate what they will learn in an inspiring way.

Presented by leadership experts

Often, the person who developed the content can deliver the keynotes based on our content.

Designed specifically for you

Your keynote can support a learning journey or deliver a consistent message to the entire company.

Get Your Learning Initiative
Off To An Inspiring Start

Launch your learning initiative with a keynote presentation from a Blanchard expert and make a lasting first impression. As well as increasing participation in existing training programs, these engaging presentations help refresh concepts learned previously.


Raising awareness

Make an impactful introduction to a new learning initiative.


Generate Excitement

Presenters who are experts know how to engage your audience.


Refresh Learning

Encourage learners to apply key concepts from the program.


Reinforce Learning

Provide support for key concepts from critical learning initiatives.


Inspire your team with a keynote speech

Create a keynote that energizes your learning initiative with Blanchard's leadership experts. We will help you create a presentation that will help expand your reach and reinforce the key themes from your most important learning journeys. Popular keynotes include:

  • How to Make Working at Home Positive and Productive
  • Building Resilience in Times of Crisis
  • Self Leadership: An Essential Skill in Challenging Times
  • 4 Leadership Skills that Make Teams Work
  • Building Trust: One Thing That Will Determine Your Success as a Manager
  • Developing a culture of service
  • Coaching to Support Learning: Avoiding 3 Common Mistakes
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