Coaching transforms people

Assisting leaders to reach greater heights of success. Developing senior executives into the leaders they aspire to be. Transforming struggling teams into productivity machines.

Our coaches provide an unparalleled experience. Before joining Blanchard, they worked as professionals with ten or more years of experience. They are adjunct faculty members who instruct graduate-level courses and hold postgraduate degrees in management, leadership, organizational development, or similar subjects. Additionally, they contribute articles to prestigious academic publications, give business conference presentations, and participate in Blanchard's internal training program.

Your learning initiative's success depends on a winning team.

The Power Of Blanchard Corporate Coaching

Blanchard Corporate Coaching propels the entire company ahead by assisting your employees in making significant strides in their professional development. Some of the advantages are listed below.


Speedy Skill Adoption

Coaches will help your leaders prioritize and master new skills at their own pace.


Strengthen the leadership bench

In this program, your managers can practice new skills, so your company will have the leaders it needs in the future.


Enhance productivity

Coaches will help people achieve their personal development goals by focusing on what matters most.


Improve Learning Retention and ROI

By helping individuals turn learning into action, coaching maximizes your training dollars.


Coaching for executives and senior leaders

With one-on-one coaching sessions with a seasoned professional, your senior leaders can become beacons of inspiration, sharpen their leadership skills, and tackle tough business challenges.

Coaching has helped senior leaders achieve greater success since 2000. Our process works because our coaches have unmatched coaching experience, have held executive positions in the corporate world, and are experts in Blanchard programs. With these coaching techniques, senior leaders are engaged and meet where they are, accelerating their growth. It's a powerful approach that engages senior leaders and meets where they are at.

Using our coaching staff, you can identify and practice new behaviors and strategies, align decision-making with organizational goals, and improve leadership skills. In a safe learning lab, senior executives can practice skills and get unbiased feedback from a professional. This solution is ideal for busy individuals: they can meet whenever and wherever is convenient.

Team Coaching

Your floundering teams can be turned into high-performance ones with real-time coaching. Our expert team coaches teach your leaders to create environments that inspire productivity and creativity. And they’ll show them how to turn every team member into a peak performer. Using our award-winning Team Leadership program, they’ll work closely with your leaders to accomplish this.

It is ideal for chronically underperforming teams, to assist new teams in getting off to a good start, and to support teams during significant changes. Leaders who work with a team coach learn how to keep their team members focused on the overarching goal, create a collaborative environment, manage conflict, and foster inclusion and equity. In addition to instilling the values and behaviors necessary for a successful team, they will also motivate them.

Teamwork enables your company to achieve its missions, which will catapult it to success.


Individual coaching to integrate learning

With coaching for individual learners, let your people turn workshop learnings into workplace behaviors.

Providing your learners with expert coaching to integrate learning deepens their understanding of new material and makes new behaviors a part of their leadership style. Pairing them with an expert coach can be a powerful complement to a learning initiative. It works because your people have a safe environment to practice what they've learned—a place where they can share challenges and brainstorm solutions.

Coaching to Integrate Learning Program includes two+ months of biweekly coaching per learner, focusing on learning reinforcement and real-world application. Our coaching creates inspired leaders and benefits your business in the long run. With expert guidance from a coach, learners can also benefit from coaching in small groups that support each other and inspire each other.

Let’s coach your leaders to success

Meet with a Blanchard Leadership Development expert to learn how coaching services can help your leaders break through challenges and turbocharge your organization. We will work with you to design a coaching program to suit your leadership development needs.

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Blanchard coaches made this a richer experience for leaders by helping them to set goals prior to training and to create an action plan to drive their learning.