Ensure the success of new managers

You want to ensure their success when promoting high-potential individual contributors into their first people manager role. You must support those just starting to manage people with the necessary training and leadership tools from the start.

Build early momentum

Provide new managers with the confidence and skills to lead productive teams.

Engage your employees

To shift from being an individual contributor, you must learn how to balance execution with employee engagement.

Communicate effectively

Clear communication of organizational goals and how the team's work supports them is essential for new managers to succeed.

Empower first-time managers with decades of training experience

Not surprisingly, 49% of new managers don't feel ready to succeed, as 60% have not received adequate training for their new roles. Excerpted from the bestselling book The New One Minute Manager®, describes the mindset, key conversations, and communication skills entry-level managers need to succeed quickly, including how to:

  • Move direct reports forward on goals
  • Provide timely, constructive, balanced, and actionable feedback
  • Conduct one-on-ones
  • Ensure accountability for results and progress
  • Review goals regularly
  • Transparent dialogue and active listening are key to communicating clearly and making meaning for others
  • Providing resources and empowering direct reports to deliver responsibilities
  • Provide guidance, coaching, and training to team members
  • Support the team's goals by advocating for resources

New Manager Programs


Blanchard Management Essentials®

The fundamental skills for every manager

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Building Trust

Trust is at the heart of every relationship, and it’s especially critical in the workplace

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Conversational Capacity®

Remaining candid and curious under pressure

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Establish a foundation for success for new managers

Blanchard recognizes that even the most successful individual contributors could struggle when taking on the duty of people manager. Join us in creating learning paths for your new people managers to help build their skills and get their teams geared up for success. Together, we will formulate a training program that links learning goals and objectives with your operational priorities, aiding individual contributors to comprehend the personal benefits and the significance it holds for the organization.

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