Was it successful?

A learning initiative's success must be measured: It shows if it was successful. But only a fraction of organizations conduct evaluations or surveys. That glaring oversight leaves senior leaders without critical information.

Increase the ROI of a training program significantly if you measure the impact of it. This includes increased productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. In addition to providing compelling information that inspires senior leaders to invest more in learning initiatives, we are experts in conducting these evaluations and surveys.


Evaluations and surveys rooted in best practices

Blanchard's flexible strategy supports a wide range of measurement options:

Level 1: Did participants like the training?

Level 2: Did they learn the material?

Level 3: Did their behavior change?

Level 4: What impact did the new behaviors have on business metrics?

Level 5: Is the bottom-line impact greater than the training costs?

Level 6: Does the organization's climate maximize the training's impact?

By incorporating evaluation strategies into your initiative, we simplify data collection and give you the crucial metrics you need to accomplish your organizational goals.

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We can help you evaluate your learning solutions to unleash your people's power and put you on the fast track to success.

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