Assessments for the Leader’s Journey

To become an inspiring leader, Blanchard offers assessment and self-discovery tools throughout all our learning courses. Assessments and reflective experiences come in many shapes and sizes, so we can gather and present this critical insight in various ways. A key aspect of adult learning is the importance of self-insight and the contribution of others.


Assess your problem, pick your program

At Blanchard, self-insight tools are an essential part of our world-class training programs, with a selection of questionnaire-based assessments and self-reflection processes customized to hone in on the particular mindsets and skill sets covered in each program. In addition, we source from some of the globe's most reliable vendors to ensure dozens more tools are available or even create new ones ourselves. With this comprehensive selection, any leadership requirement can be met.

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Wide Range Of Assessment Options



Over 50 tools that provide an inventory of strengths and development areas for self-awareness


Team Dynamics

Assessments that uncover the realities of team performance and barriers to growth


Organizational Issues

Instruments that measure climate, engagement, environmental factors, and leadership characteristics


Impact Measurement

Tailored research tools to quantify behavior change and other impacts of training initiatives


Gap Analyses

Instruments that identify gaps in development needs, culture change, and organizational development


Success Case Research

An interview-based approach to measure success and behavior change related to leadership or other focus areas

Our Process


Align to the Right Tools

In conjunction with our extensive library of assessments and reflective activities, we work with you to integrate the best solution for your specific needs.


Ensure a Positive Experience

We design to ensure that no harm is done to participants, individual results emphasize strengths and gathered data informs decision-making.


Empower Continued Growth

Participants' motivation and development for personal, professional, and organizational growth are enhanced through learning experiences.


Choosing the right assessment tool

Select from our extensive library of assessments, or customize and develop your own when needed so the tools accurately capture your organization's competencies, values, and desired behaviors.

Areas of assessment include:

  • Enhancing the self-awareness of leaders and employees
  • Assessing current and future learning needs
  • Providing learners with 180- or 360-degree feedback on their performance at work
  • Analyzing the cultural health of an organization and determining its potential
  • Identifying guideposts to cultivate and strengthen high-performing teams
  • Measuring the impact of a learning solution on behavior and business

Unlock learner progress with assessments

Ensure your learners get the feedback they need for an effective and fulfilling learning journey. Talk to Blanchard to identify the right assessment tools to help move your learning initiative forward.

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