Develop your high potential employees' leadership skills

Individuals with high potential to contribute to you will exceed expectations and face new challenges. For those who demonstrate leadership potential, it is essential to provide training and learning opportunities to prepare them for future leadership roles in the organization.

Boost engagement

Keeping high achievers engaged in their work requires career development opportunities.

Retain high performers

Companies that invest in their employees are more likely to retain them.

Establish a leadership pool

Employee retention and buy-in for management changes are higher in organizations that promote from within.

Demonstrate your values

A path to the leadership team helps everyone feel seen, heard, and valued by investing in exceptional employees.

Establish a clear path for future leaders

According to Blanchard, you need to identify your high-performing individual contributors passionate about leadership to build your leadership talent pool from within. Emerging leaders must develop the skills following to transition from individual contributors to proactive, assertive leaders:

  • Share information accurately and openly
  • Overcome challenges and take risks
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills
  • Cultivate curiosity about emerging industry and workplace trends
  • Collaborate with and support others
  • Work cooperatively with others across the organization

Blanchard sees that all employees can be leaders in their own right—individual contributors lead themselves, while others may also affect the development of projects and teams. Our emerging leader plans aim to instill individuals with a leadership mindset, provide them with the necessary skills to undertake their current duties and prepare them for a more senior leadership position. Learners take part in multiple research-backed approaches encompassing all aspects of life, not just work, heightening their leadership capacity.


Emerging Leader Programs


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Help your emerging leaders reach their potential

Work with us to build communication and connection plans for your emerging leaders, linking the learning goals and objectives to your operational imperatives. Doing so will allow individual contributors to comprehend the value to them and their organization. Our individual contributor learning journeys are designed to integrate interaction points with a learner’s manager, which will incentivize them, keep them accountable, advise on skill application in their workplace setting, and urge new skills and desired behaviors.

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