Great Managers Build Great Companies

The top training company in South Asia, Blanchard Research and Training LLP, specializes in developing leaders at all levels of the organizational structure. having been in operation since 2008 in India under the direction of Mr. Yogesh Sood, a seasoned professional in company operations and leadership development.

In today's dynamic corporate environment, Blanchard Research and Training LLP offers specialized, efficient training and coaching programs. With the correct training and skill set, managers can positively impact a business, in our opinion. Our goal is to develop managers so they can build high-performing teams, come up with creative business ideas, and achieve the best financial results.

To Transform Potential into Performance, Blanchard Starts at the Core of Leadership

To help leaders see every interaction as a chance to build relationships and promote trust, Blanchard starts at the core of leadership. We provide engaging, human-powered learning opportunities that help executives operate at their highest potential. These motivated leaders become the most effective catalysts for development and change within their teams, businesses, and organizations.


Why Blanchard

By maximizing both individual and organizational performance, we enable quantifiable development and genuine transformation.

  • Research-backed, pertinent, and resonant content.
  • Simple, effective models with evidence to support them.
  • Learning activities that provide connections and results.
  • Coaching that increases performance.
  • Measuring techniques that provide outcomes.

Our Vision

Leaders Powered for Good

Our Mission

The proven curriculum, dynamic learning opportunities, and leadership experts
at Blanchard maximize both employee and company success.

Our Values

Be True

We uphold our beliefs in all our decisions, including corporate ones and daily encounters. With an emphasis on openness and honesty, we work tirelessly to put the needs of our customers and employees first continually.

Scale Kindness

Do no harm. With grace, love, and compassion, we serve others. We always pause to consider "Is it fair, balanced, and right?" as though the entire world is on the watch.

Transform Together

One person cannot achieve transformation. Teams are motivated to achieve new levels of success by heart and mind-aligned leaders.

Unwavering Pursuit

Authentic leadership entails a constant search for knowledge. We encourage people to constantly redefine their personal bests as a constant resource for those navigating this journey.

Our Commitment to an Inclusive Workplace

Building Tomorrow Leaders, Today

The Ken Blanchard Companies were established in 1979 by Drs. Ken and Marjorie Blanchard with three straightforward objectives: to improve people's lives, promote workplace effectiveness and human value, and assist each organization we engage with in being the provider, employer, and investment of choice.


Local Presence, Global Reach

The Blanchard team is located around the globe, bringing you localized leadership development training and courses across cultures and continents.


Facilitators & Consultants