“The new norms of life are emerging at personal, team, organizational, and country levels. Darwin’s law will play out again. Only the ones able to adapt will survive. The race is on. Let us participate in the same.”   
– Yogesh Sood (CMD, BYLD Group)
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Addressing repeated bad behaviour

How to Address Repeated Bad Behaviour? Ask Yogesh Sood

Dear Yogesh,What can a person do if someone just doesn’t want to change their behaviour and keep going back to where they started. Even after repeated expectation setting, there is no change happening. Please suggest something.Regards,AmanDear Aman,The issues that disturb the most are rarely the one-time follies of a close ...
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Thinking about Giving Up and Quitting? Ask Yogesh Sood

Dear Yogesh,I have worked at a multinational company for over 10 years now and was pretty much happy with my stable job with constant growth. About a year ago, our company was acquired by a group of investors who brought their own CEO. At first, he said all the good ...
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Psychological Safety

Who’s Responsible for Psychological Safety in a Crucial Conversation? Ask Yogesh Sood

Dear Yogesh, I was reading about the book Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue, and I came across the fact about psychological safety, and a question struck my mind, “What should you do if you don’t feel safe during a conversation?” which got me thinking, what should you do if you ...
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Technological Advancements

Frustrated by All the New Software Platforms You’re Expected to Use? Ask Yogesh Sood

Dear Yogesh,Recently, my company decided to roll out a new software that is supposed to ease our work in terms of providing the data to the sales team. Therefore, it became a part of my job to learn it, master it, and apply it to my work. Little did I ...
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Crucial Conversations

How to Know Whether to Let Someone Go? Ask Yogesh Sood

Dear Yogesh,Is it possible to know when someone is not performing up to the mark, and is the time to let them go? My partner and I founded a start-up and hired a sales rep to increase our sales. So far, he has made one sale which is not enough ...
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Leading People Through Change

Disappointed in Your People? Ask Yogesh Sood

Dear Yogesh,I am the senior vice president of a multinational firm and have a team of five people reporting directly to me. All of my team members are highly skilled professionals who are considered seniors in the firm. These team members were hired by me, and I was fairly happy ...
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Others are Being Paid More for the Same Job as Yours? Ask Yogesh Sood

Dear Yogesh,I have been working in the operations department of a company, and I really love what I do. I was offered a promotion and got so excited that I quickly jumped to it. Little did I consider the change in compensation didn’t reflect the increased responsibility.Here is the problem, ...
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